History of Normpack

Together with wholesalers, the Dutch Flower Auctions Association (VBN) brought the collective brand Normpack onto the market in 1996. The impetus for this was the need for standardized sizing and the ability to assure the quality of the trays.

The sizing of the trays is important when compiling mixed carts. Their quality is important in order to prevent plants from falling out of the trays and becoming damaged while they are being repackaged.

Sivepo is responsible for managing the Normpack system.

Sivepo was founded in 1994 by the VBA and Bloemenveiling Holland, now known as Royal FloraHolland. The aim was to create a plant packaging pool that would be used nationally by all auctions in order to simplify the trade of plants and speed up the logistical processes in the chain. The agreements between Sivepo and the auctions were established based on pool similarities.

  • 1994 multiple-use plant packaging (red)
  • 1998 multiple-use flower packaging
  • 2002 multiple-use boxes
  • 2003 gray plant packaging
  • 2003 Normpack
  • 2007 single-use boxes
  • 2008 loose trays

After the flower auctions merged to form FloraHolland, the activities of Sivepo were housed at FloraHolland and only Normpack is still a part of Sivepo.

Plant trays with guaranteed quality

Normpack stands for standardized plant packaging/plant trays and guaranteed quality. The trays have been standardized in regards to sizing, shape and quality.

The Normpack trays are produced under license by a limited number of companies that have retained the right to sell the trays on the market. Growers are able to supply their plants in these single-use trays to the auctions and wholesalers that are accustomed to working with these.