About Normpack Trays

The Normpack® quality mark is ‘the standard’ for single-use plant trays. Approx. 180 million Normpack® trays are produced every year.

Normpack® trays are characterized by their:

  • Standardized size, shape and quality
  • Recognition and acceptance by the market
  • Consistent quality thanks to thorough inspections
  • Eco-friendly, easy to recycle materials
  • Vast availability thanks to the many vendors

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Approval Normpack 492 Desch Plantpak

As per 15-1-2019 Desch Plantpak has approval for the new 492 model.

Approval Normpack 468 Teku Pöppelmann

As per 12-4-2018 Teku Pöppelmann has approval for the new 468 model.

About Normpack Stickers

Normpack® stickers are stickers that can be washed off, which is the reason why only these stickers are allowed to be put on multiple-use flower and plant packaging.

By using Normpack® stickers, the flower buckets can be thoroughly washed so that everyone has clean buckets at their disposal.

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Sustainable and recyclable

Normpack® trays are sustainable and recyclable. The trays are “Designed for Recycling” and are fabricated only from the material polystyrene, making recycling a cinch. After use, the trays are gathered together on a large scale. The material is then re-used as raw material for making new trays.

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