About Normpack

Normpack is the quality mark for plant packaging and removable stickers.

The quality mark was developed in keeping with environmental conservation, quality assurance and logistical efficiency. Before the arrival of the Normpack quality mark, a sub-par situation arose which led to all kinds of problems, such as pollution of the waste streams, product damage due to weak trays and cumbersome sizing for making mixed trolleys. Because all of these issues have been dealt with on a sector-wide level, a standard was created.

The Normpack quality mark is ‘the standard’ for single-use plant trays. Approx. 180 million Normpack trays are produced every year. 

Features Normpack trays

  • Standardized sizes, shape & quality
  • Recognition and acceptance by the market
  • Consistent quality, thanks to thorough inspections and testing
  • Eco-friendly, easy to recycle materials
  • Vast availability thanks to the many vendors

Normpack trays meet the following requirements

  • Controlled production process
  • Perfect material
  • Perfect measurements
  • Perfect strength (differs per tray type, see 'Load group' on the detail page of the tray in question)

Normpack stickers meet the following requirements

  • Perfect material, can be washed off and still remain intact in wet cold stores
  • Recognizable