The flowers sector works with multiple-use buckets that need to be washed after each use. Unfortunately, not all of the stickers can be washed off. Stickers with permanent or removable glue CANNOT be washed off because the glue does not dissolve in water.

Normpack® stickers, however, do utilize glue that is easy to wash off.

There are currently several materials that have been approved for use with Normpack® stickers.

  • Raflatac RP 45
  • Manter RH-4000
  • Smith & McLaurin CWW20
  • Herma 62P

 By using the Normpack® logo on the inner rolls and seals of the stickers, producers guarantee that they have been produced with the correct glues and materials.


For you as a user, this is a visible hallmark with which you can show that the correct stickers are being used.

See for approved vendors: