FloraHolland and Landgard will cooperate on Normpack plant trays

FloraHolland and Landgard have decided to work together to promote Normpack. This will lead to Normpack being the main trademark for single-use plant trays for both FloraHolland and Landgard.

Both auction organisations intend jointly to serve the European market with one strong tray line. The development of new tray designs will also form part of this collaboration. The collaboration has led to complete line of Normpack with a wide choice of pot sizes in 4, 5 or 6 trays per CC layer. This means there is a suitable Normpack tray with the recognisable packaging code for practically every user.

LGcup trays, the current trademark of Landgard, will remain available for the present but will ultimately be replaced when the comparable Normpack packaging forms become available.

The first result of this collaboration is the new '300-series'.

The intensive collaboration between Landgard, FloraHolland and the Normpack manufacturers Desch Plantpak, Hordijk, Modiform and Pöppelmann is bearing fruit. During the IPM, a number of the new trays in the 300 series were introduced, as supplements to the Normpack 306. They are 4-on-one-layer trays (56*31cm) with different hole patterns. The new trays have a unique design with the curved line. The 'bridge' in the design makes the tray stronger and more stable compared to similar trays.

The new website www.normpack.nl has simplified the process of finding the right tray. It provides a complete overview of the models and suppliers in 4 different languages. It also lists full details about the trays and the trademark and specifies where Normpack packaging can be ordered.

The trademark Normpack is 'the standard' for single-use plant trays. Normpack stands for quality, standard dimensions and sustainability through recycling. The quality is ensured through regular independent tests. The Normpack trays are well-known, accepted and widely available in the market.